Past Events

14th February 2020 – Epsom General Hospital, Epsom

This year’s meeting was hosted in Epsom with a great range of presentations from trainees and guest speakers, including talks from Mr Mike Burdon (RCOphth President) and Professor TL Jackson.

15th February 2019 – Kings College Hospital, London

This meeting saw a fantastic array of unusual and complex cases.

Guest Speaker Professor Mandeep Sagoo gave the keynote speech on Ocular Oncology.

2nd February 2018 – Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton

This year’s meeting was hosted in Brighton with a great range of clinical cases and trainee presentations.

27th January 2017 – Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford

Royal Surrey hosted the 2017 meeting. It was a big turnout with over 90 delegates.

Professor David Crabb from City University gave our guest lecture on motion tracking and new developments in glaucoma testing.

27th January 2016 – Frimley Park Hospital, Frimley

So many rare cases on show at Frimley including, “picking up the pieces of cosmetic surgery abroad”.

Dr Frank Ryan gave a tour de force of the Human Genome and how genetic medicine is likely to help target treatments in future.

27th June 2014 – Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury

Canterbury was a fantastic summer meeting. 14 great cases including not one but two examples of Trigeminal Neurotrophic Syndrome; a first for nearly all attendees.

Our guest lecturer gave a great talk on the future of ophthalmic services outside of the NHS and a very motivational plea for great leaders to stay in the NHS and keep pushing for change and improvement.

12th July 2013 – Conquest Hospital, Hastings

11th January 2013 – Kings College Hospital, London